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Ed Stilley's Homeamde Guitars

Here is a photo of the folk artist and guitar building legend, Ed Stilley.

He made all kinds of homemade guitars during his lifetime and his work is now seen in museums worldwide. Here he lines up a few samples of his handy work.

The instruments shown were built by one of the last homesteaders of the Ozark Mountains. Ed Stilley of Hogscald Hollar, They are made with recyceled wood, most were fited with metal inside, he used saw blades, coil springs, welding-rod frets, door springs, steak bones for nuts & saddles,  even a bridge sitting on two stacks of dimes.

All these metal parts and springs Ed liked to use inside the guitar created a mysterious reverb that Ed describes as the voice of God. Ed has made over 150 instruments and given them all away to children in response to a ‘calling' God gave him to build these homemade guitars.