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Early 1900's Homemade Cigar Box Violin

Ebay is great for finding long lost history, it is by far the best place to find old handmade and homemade instruments of all types. I am always finding cigar box guitars, violins and banjos that people are pulling down from there attics and closets.

 Heres and old handmade violin made from an old cigar box. I did manage to enlarge the photo and it says "INVINCIBLE" across the front with the added words wrapping around.  "Hand made Sumatra wrapper INVINCIBLE Guarrented Long Havana filter."

It even has a homemade case, also if you look close near the upper bout you can see the bridge tucked up under the instrument. This would be a great instrument to try to restring and play. I bet this could be brought back to life and play as well as when it was made. totally cool picece of Americana!