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Today is Two'fer Thurdays

I'll let Little Creaser's have 2'fer Tuesdays, they claim there selling "pizza" but I beg to differ!...If we were talking, I'd have to put that in air quotes. Unless you've had one of those real hand made artisan pies cooked in a wooden & brick stove, I reserve the right to use both the word "pizza" and "two'fer" for the more deserving!

So Check out the 2 items I have to deliver in today's news feed.

The first is Jenna Leigh Doll playing a Handmade Cigar Box Guitar, this is fantastic music and playing. Not only can she really play great, but she made the guitar herself!

Watch this video, This is as cool as it gets!

Sam'l F. Davis 1886
Recently I had a day with nothing to do while I was waiting for paint to dry. So I pulled out the camera and had some fun at photography and just wanted to see what kind of black and white photos I could create. I knew right away that I wanted to shoot photos of a vintage wooden Sam'l F. Davis 1886 homemade cigar box guitar. These cigar boxes have such and iconic and rustic look.
 These old cigar boxes are always for sale on ebay. They are not rare or hard to find. Best part is they are solid cedar wood and make great instruments. They can be found in the under 20-ish dollar range and can lead your building in 2 directions, you can build an instrument with the snarly old beat up boxes for a vintage look, or buy the well cared for boxes for a few dollars more and make your build clean and simple.
Well, here is the black and white photo art I came up with, my camera has a setting where it removes the color for an old time look, it called monochrome and looks pretty dang cool.