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The Country Life

 Imagine this,

It's the 1890's, you live deep in the heart of the South,  you'r just sitting in an old creeky rocking chair on the front porch of your cabin just strummin' a homemade cigar box guitar while the beautiful breeze blows thru your hair.......the farm work is done, Ma's in the kitchen cookin' supper with biskets made from scratch, all is peaceful in the fields as the afternoon shade finally cools off the land......and while you wait, the kids are playing in the yard...the chores are done, it's time to relax....those sweet jangles coming from your homemade guitar make your ears smile and take away all the worries on your mind...

Now that's the Country Life!

Ok, so I'm being a bit "too literal" but here's a real "Country Life" cigar box guitar that I found for sale on ebay today, yes, made from an old country life cigar box!

How cool is this sweet piece of history!

Hey, did you remember to feed the chickens?