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Top Secret - Burn Notice upon reading

To all my cigar box guitar spies in the trenches,

This is a message for your eyes only!...Burn after reading, do not let this info fall in the hands of Fender.
HA! OK, just a little morning fun.

Everybody always asks me about the single string bridges on the Delta Tramp or the three string guitars I make, so I will post info here so you know what parts to buy if you want to try to build one (you can also make them with bent brass or steel) To see examples visit reddogguitars.com
or here is a quick shot of one,

First thing's first, they are NOT bass bridges, they look similar, but they are much smaller and made for guitar strings, they are not for basses.

They are called "ABM single string guitar bridges," they are sold at allparts.com
They are also available on ebay ( from time to time) . They are top load, meaning the string slips in from the back, super easy to add to a guitar and they are great as you can make the guitar string widths in any size or distance.
The drawback is they are about 30 bucks each, yes!!!! 90 dollars per guitar....they are pricey, but..it is what it is, and I can tell you worth every penny.

Second option is the Hipshot solo,

These are only 19 bucks each, and they are body thru, (same as a standard hard tail)
If you study the photo, you can see that you can in fact make these yourself with home depot "L brackets"
 Believe it or not that's all I do for those old school Delta Tramp guitars I make, I just use the brass curtain brackets and drill my own holes, I polish them and add black saddles, that's it. You only need to cut off one side of the bracket and then drill small holes to add a saddle and one small hole under the saddle itself to slip the string thru, remember these are NOT top load as there is no room, so you do need to come up thru the back of the guitar to load the string.
Other than that, just look at the photos, there are easy enough to make from brackets at home depot.

Well, that's it, DO NOT let this info fall in the hands of our rivals, you have your burn notice!