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Country Fiddles

Here some shots of 2 cigar box fiddles that came up for sale on ebay. It's a rare thing to find one of these much less two of them for sale on ebay almost at the same time.

This first one was found in a wall of an old farmhouse in upstate New York while remodeling.

This next one is quite the masterpiece.... It is being sold with no information.

 You can tell by looking closely, it was several boxes glued together to make one instrument.   Those Samuel David 1884 logos are only on the original boxes in 2 places, so this must be about 8 or more boxes cut down and glued together?
No matter what, you can also look at the neck and this must have been a serious player as it shows alot o play wear on the neck...How cool is this thing!

Somebody spent some major time building this cigar box violin!