Hi, my name is John McNair. This is a website about Homemade guitars, Cigar box & 3 string guitars, Cookie tin banjos, and all things made by people like yourself who have decided building and playing homemade instruments is so much more rewarding than buying "name" brand guitars.

I try to post newly uncovered history or stories here every so often, Give the photos time to load on your screen, some of the photos are huge, I wanted to display them nicely, so some will take time to load on your computer.

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4 String Cigar Box Guitar - Building a 1950's Wild Indian

I'm just having fun, that's what this hobby is about!  It sure is wonderful to build these homemade guitars, you don't have to work so hard and in the end you can have a great sounding guitar that is allot easier to play and doesn't take years of dedication to learn like the standard store bought guitars....A totally beginner can pick up a cigar box guitar and sound great in just a few weeks....and an experienced player can use one of these guitars to play and record really authentic vintage music. Man , everyday I love these instruments more and more!
I am working on new stuff, here is a video, you can skip to the end to here the demos of the guitar.

What's on your workbench???? 
Give it a try and make your own guitar, you'll have a blast,
 they are just as much fun to build as they are to play!