Hi, this is a website about Homemade guitars, Cigar box guitars, 3 and 4 string guitars, Cookie tin banjos, and the history of hand made and homemade musical instruments from around the world.

Give the photos time to load on your screen. Some of the photos are large in size. I wanted to display them nicely, so some will take time to load on your computer screen.

1890's "Uncle Enos Banjo"

 These are photos of one of the oldest know cigar box banjos ever discovered. It is in the National Cigar Box guitar Museum (Started by Shane Speal.) Ted Crocker took these photos and said for me to look through his flicker to see if there was anything for this site and when I saw them I knew I had to post them.

  In the mid 1890's Daniel Carter Beard wrote a short essay on how to build your own Banjo called "Uncle Enos Banjo" this was from "American Boy’s Handy Book" (an early Boy Scouts book) and is one of the first How to build your own diagrams that showed people how to make their own homemade banjo.