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In the Pines - Where did you sleep last night

This video will brighten your day and change your attitude about what you think you can do. It is really inspiring!

I get countless emails from injured Veterans and older people who tell me that they would love to learn but fear that their disabilities will prevent them from learning how to play a cigar box guitar. This video will show you that you can do ANYTHING you set you mind to.

Not only is this video super duper inspiring, but it is really done well and it's great music.

What an awesome choice for a song. This song is called  "Where did you sleep last night," but is also recorded by many people under the name as "In the Pines,"... from Nirvana to Leadbelly to Justin Johnson. Many great versions are out there, but this is by far the coolest version I have ever seen, and his playing and vocals are off the hook!