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Hand wound pickups

If you are building your own homemade guitars and instruments, it is very rewarding to hand wind your own electric guitar pickups. Not only is it easier than it first appears, but it opens up a whole world of unique possibilities to make your guitar a true one-of-a-kind.
Check out these pickups made by Dustin Olynyk. He has used the wood from cigar box tops as the actual bobbins of his pickups, which by the way also opens up a whole level of ideas for parts that can be made from cigar boxes. I have seen people make resonator and dobro covers, backs of the guitar control plate covers, volume and tone knob plates, and I have even seen people veneer the cover of a cigar box on to the headstock to match the guitar body. There is a world of great concepts to be found just by studying these photos of Dustin's handiwork!

If you look close, its just wire that has been wrapped around screws that he has used as the pole pieces, they are ran thru the wooden top and bottom and that's it ( there is a few more steps such as magnetizing the screws with a magnet, but there is scores of videos on YouTube on the subject.)
 As you can see it is totally something even a first timer can do with great success and I know for a fact that the moment Dustin was done he was able to lean back in his chair and feel like not only has he accomplished something great, but it's tremendously fun to try new things....so what are you waiting on???? ......on your next cigar box guitar, try your hand at winding a magnetic pickup, it can be done in one or 2 evenings right there on your kitchen table.
  By doing a little research you will see there is only a few supplies you will need to buy, you don't need fancy machines to wind pickups, you can wind them by hand and nothing else with just a spool of wire in your lap, or of you feel up to the challenge, use a drill and make a simple homemade contraption to keep the guitar pickup spinning while you feed the wire with your fingers over the top of the bobbin.... the best way to achieve great results is to do your research and plot it all out in your head first....You CAN wind your own guitar pickups!