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How to turn a radio into a Guitar Amplifier

It's been awhile since I've posted any radio guitar amp conversions and I have some new radios that are in my workshop destined to get the ol' rub-a-dub-dub make over.
It really is super easy to take an old radio and turn it into a guitar amp. All's you do is hack into the volume pot with a regular guitar input jack and that's it. I do have a website with lots of info on what and how to do it, what radios make the best amps, and just all that you need to know to hack into a vintage radio.

Not only is it fun a rewarding, but they have the coolest looks and make the best combo to go along with your homemade and cigar box guitars, people just love to see them and when they hear them it brings a smile to both young and old....what's best is the tone, they sound just like days gone by because you're playing thru old speakers and circuits that really capture the tones of yesteryear.

Lastly, you might be thinking what if it doesn't work????  What if I break it?

Well that's a 2 way street and not a problem, what you can then do is remove the old electronics, leave the old speaker in it....and buy a cigar box amp kit and just stuff that in there...voilĂ ! ....problem solved, same old-time tone, but in a cool old vintage radio....either way your gonna be playing thru an old Atomic Retro amp and having a ball. Did I mention you can buy an old radio for about 10 or 20 bucks??? No, well, let me tell you this, long before computers and even TVs, every house had a radio, furthermore, usually every room had a radio...countless millions of these radios are still around, ebay, flea markets, your Grandma's attic, there are everywhere get out there and give it a try!
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