Hi, this is a website about Homemade guitars, Cigar box guitars, 3 and 4 string guitars, Cookie tin banjos, and the history of hand made and homemade musical instruments from around the world.

Give the photos time to load on your screen. Some of the photos are large in size. I wanted to display them nicely, so some will take time to load on your computer screen.

3 string Cigar Box Guitar


 ....wowzers! Not only has this song and guitar "got that tone," but the singing, song, and overall performance is just increadible.

Instead of me yammering about how amazing it is, how about let's watch it, I am so positive it will make you want to reach over and grab your own 3 string and better you own music playing, I know you'll watch this video many times. There is so much to learn by watching this video. He makes it look so easy and graceful and his singing will blast you out of your seat.

So, here is Brooks Williams' version of the traditional song "Sitting On Top Of The World"