Hi, this is a website about Homemade guitars, Cigar box guitars, 3 and 4 string guitars, Cookie tin banjos, and the history of hand made and homemade musical instruments from around the world.

Give the photos time to load on your screen. Some of the photos are large in size. I wanted to display them nicely, so some will take time to load on your computer screen.

March 1916

Check out this old photo of a cigar box instrument. This is another of a long line of World War 1 photos that cigar box guitar builder "Termoking" has found over in Europe. I have not keep count but I think he has found about 15 or 20 different examples with soldiers and their homemade instruments.

I have posted before on this site, "I wish I could hear it" or "I wonder what it sounds like?"....but the truth is we kinda know what it sounds like. Strum just about any cigar box guitar and you too will know just what this instrument in this photo sounded like....and that's pretty dang cool, keeping history alive!