They're all stars

Someone please....  show these boys what to do

Arms full of empty cigar boxes, stacks and stacks o' boxes....
This photo is from 1918 Salem Oregon 

The writing on the back says, "FREE CIGAR BOXES Children given all the empty boxes from Frank William Waters Cigar Shop."

I only wonder what the boxes went on to become? 

There is one kid with one on his head, so clearly he is need of some 'bout turning that thing into a guitar!

 Here is an actual recording and story from the 1930's that you will enjoy. 

It's from 1938 - take the time and listen to this video. I myself come back and listen to this music and story often

From the past to preset, here is a song of Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top playing a Cigar Box Guitar.

 It is such a great recording, he is playing a cigar box resonator guitar and he is playing a version of Ry Cooder's "Billy the Kid."