They're all stars

The writing on the back of this old photo says, 

"Children given all the empty boxes from Frank William Waters Cigar Shop."

Someone please....  show these boys what to do!

Arms full of empty cigar boxes, stacks and stacks o' empty boxes....
This photo is from 1918 Salem Oregon 

I only wonder what the boxes went on to become? 

There is one kid with one on his head, so clearly he is need of some 'bout turning that thing into a guitar : )

Take a journey into the past as we explore cigar box guitars and other homemade stringed instruments that helped to create the music we now call Blues and Rock n' Roll.  If you like cigar box guitars you'll love this book!  

In this book you'll find lots of old and antique photos, old blues history with homemade guitars, vintage stories and plans of "how to builds" and much more from the past. Many of these images have never been seen or published for over a 100 years. 

 There's also lots of cool photos of modern 3 string guitars, 4 string guitars, Resonator guitars and hot rod amplifiers.

This is a fun book for anyone who enjoys learning about the history of cigar box guitars, you'll read it many times. The photos alone are a treasure to view.  You'll look at this book over and over.

Box Guitar Blues - The Book


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  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my music and videos with you. I am just one person who is super passionate about the hobby of homemade guitars. To me there is many many lifetimes of exploration a person can do in this hobby. You can learn and explore both the craft of building them....but also, playing them and then there is the art of recording with them.... and making recordings for video such as soundtracks, that is a whole world in itself!

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Here's something to leave you with,

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