Hi, this is a website about Homemade guitars, Cigar box guitars, 3 and 4 string guitars, Cookie tin banjos, and the history of hand made and homemade musical instruments from around the world.

Give the photos time to load on your screen. Some of the photos are large in size. I wanted to display them nicely, so some will take time to load on your computer screen.

Antique Cigar Box Guitar & Homemade Guitars

Check out this fresh attic find, it came up for sale on eBay. Bay is king for finding long lost history. You can discover more than old musical instruments, you can also find historical aritfacts off all types that were just stuck in boxes in the back of peoples attics and sheds.
 When poeple pass away, their children or grandchildren usually don't know the stroy behind some of these objects so they just list them for sale on ebay for pennies of there true value.

Who's waiting to find a undiscovered Declaration of Independence for 5 bucks??? ....Me!!!

Well, maybe that's wishful thinking, but there sure is lots of these old cigar box instruments popping up for sale lately.

Check out that tail piece...its defiantly an original Red Dog for sure...I think so??? Ha Ha!

Made from a soup can lid of some type, this looks like one of those old school fretless slide guitars...no frets, no frills, just boat loads o' fun!
More photos are posted at http://www.reddogguitars.com/

Check out this guitar below made by my friend Brian Romero.

 I just love his work and wanted to share it. His stuff is really inspiring, so I decided to post this over here, this use to be on the 3 string guitar website but I wanted to put it here so all could see. This is what homemade is all about. Study the photos,  I will let the picture do the taking, this is just wonderful and made with such ingenuity.

Here is a full shot, this looks like it's a lot of fun to play. Brain has made many great guitars, too many to list, but you can use this for a jump start in your own building, Head on out to your garage and see what you can come up with!