Hi, this is a website about home made guitars and the history of Old School Blues and Slide Guitar music.


Here is some art I came up with one day, I was just inspired by some old aviator footage I saw and when I was in the laundry room I just grabbed a pencil and drew this ruff draft art while standing right in front of the washing machine.

I liked this art so much I have been etching it into the tops of guitar pickups.

This "Claim Jumper" art below was inspired by some TV dinners I saw in the grocery store.

 I was walking down the frozen isle lane and there was a stack of pot pies and pre-made oven dinners branded with the name "Claim Jumper." I thought it was really catchy.

Right now I'm living in Sparks, Nevada, a state that has a long history of gold and silver mining. In the mid 1850's this was the Wild West.  They had Pioneers and Homesteaders of all types move here to seek their fortunes...only to find hard times and a wild frontier.

  Anyways, I just loved seeing the words "Claim Jumper."

So here is my hand drawn art inspired by those old miners from Nevada's Old West Territory. I drew this art with a sharpie pen on old paper and scanned it to my computer.