Hi, this is a website about home made guitars and the history of Blues music. Before you go any further, this website has no rhyme or reason. It's just a bunch of videos and photos of homemade guitars.

Rock N' Roll - Antique Homemade Guitars

Hopefully some of these guitars on this website inspire you to dig deeper into the history of the homemade instruments and early American Blues and Folk music.
 There is so many great artist from the past that played one of the guitars, from Lighting Hopkin's to Little Freddy King go their start on a guitar they made themselves.

Here is one of my favorite treasures, It's a homemade guitar from about the 1920's

I left the photos large and you can click them to see the detail.

 You can still see the saw marks in the body.

Here is some acoustic cigar box music from those times long ago

Look at this story I found in the online edition of our local newspaper


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Dear Abby,

I am writing you to ask for your very appreciated advice. Recently my husband of 20 years started playing guitar, it's a rather curious instrument. It's a square guitar made from an old wooden box and it has only 3 strings. He really enjoys his homemade guitar and plays it everyday. It has given him a new passion for music.

BUT, the problem is, I am a home based business woman and during my weekly Tupperware parties, my husband locks himself in his "man cave" and my clients and guest have to hear this horrendous sound that comes out of that homemade guitar. 

He also plays guitar late into the night, it has this awful sound that cuts right thru the walls of our house. I can't sleep, I need help!...his electric guitar playing sounds like bells and whistles coming from a 1920's carnival ride. 
I even secretly recorded him so that you could witness the pain I have to suffer through every night. I attached the sound of what he calls "his guitar chops"  to this youtube video.

This music is happening every night! Please HELP!.....what can I do to rectify this???
Judy,  Sleepless in Seattle




Here is a song of Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top playing a Cigar Box Guitar.

 It is such a great recording, he is playing a cigar box resonator guitar and he is playing a version of Ry Cooder's "Billy the Kid."